HPU 1800 - soft and extremely durable synthetic leather Use: Matches at the absolute highest level
Qualities: Extraordinary handball in soft and extremely durable synthetic leather. The ball is lively, but always with a controlled bounce. ULTIMATE is perfect in the hand – with or without resin.
Manufacture: Handsewn
Approval: IHF Approved (size 2 og 3)
Size: Junior (2), Senior (3)
Guarantee: 3 years

ULTIMATE offers lots of pure joy of playing. The ball is made from a extremely durable synthetic material and the specially-developed Shark Skin Foam inside makes the ball feel softer. The result is a handball which lies so well in your hand that it almost seems too good to be true.

ULTIMATE is also beyond reliable during play. The “Zero-Wing” bladder makes sure that the ball soars through the air as straight as an arrow and, most importantly of all, has a completely controlled bounce. In addition to these classic SELECT virtues, there is something light and lively about it.

The well-known design with an unfailing sense of style of the exterior is combined with something new and brightly coloured, which results in the simultaneous display of elegance, dynamics and credibility.

The ball is naturally hand-sewn and has perfect finish.

ULTIMATE is quite simply born with playing characteristics that place it in a class of its own. It is therefore natural that top clubs around Europe have chosen it as their official match ball. Among them Mikkel Hansen & Co. from PSG of France.