Profcare K


Comfortable and breathable tape that allows unhindered movement. Heals and prevents injuries from sport. Improves blood circulation. Provides support for the muscles and relieves tension. Provides constant compression Stays on for 3 - 5 days.
Comes in black, blue, pink and beige. Size 5 cm x 5 m

Profcare K, pre-cut   -   Cut to size - 2 pcs per bag. Size 5 cm.



Ankle                           Elbow                            Knee                               Back                            Shoulder                               Thigh



Strappal Tape

With extremely strong and skinfriendly adhesive that minimizes the risk of allergic reactions. Stable, even in extreme situations. Inelastic and easy to tear.
Used at top level.

2,5 cm / 4,0 cm / 5,0 cm




Leuko Tape P

Non-elastic cotton tape with strong adhesive effect. The tape is water-resistant and allows skin to breathe. Is used for McConnel tape technique or where extra strong tape is required.

3,8 cm




Leuko Tape K

With Pain Relief Technique.
Is applied directly onto the skin.

Comes in beige and blue

2.5 cm and 5.0 cm





Prostrap Tape

Inelastic sport tape with powerful adhesiveness
Provides optimal support and stability
Porous adhesive allows the skin to breathe
Easy to tear off both sideways and longways.

 4 cm





Coach Tape

Standard tape with good adhesive effect.

3.8 cm




Gives a stronger adhesive effect between tape and skin.

300 ml





Under Bandage

Position between tape and skin for a protective effect. Prevents irritation on exposed areas such as ankles, knees and wrists. Especially suitable for sports where taping is widely used.

7 cm





Elastic Bandage

Support bandage with good elasticity.
Can be washed and reused.

8 cm and 12 cm





Articare Adhersive Bandage

Elastic adhesive bandage.
Does not cling to your skin, just to itself.

6 cm and 8 cm






8 cm x 1m





High quality elastic self-adhesive bandage.
Does not cling to your skin, just to itself.
Easy to apply and easy to tear across.
Gives the right support compression and stays in place. Can be used repeatedly.

8 cm






Outstanding elasticity and adhesive properties.
Allows the skin to breathe during long-term use.
No constrictive edges, does not wrinkle, no marks on the skin. Good support bandage for fibre, knee and ankle injuries.

5.0 cm and 7.5 cm





Profcare Blister Plasters

Ultra-thin plaster that seems like a second layer of skin. Protects the tender spot and provides optimum opportunity for healing.

Includes 2 x small and 4 x medium.

Comes in packages of 6 boxes.





Blister Patches

Self adhesive protection and pressure relief for blisters and sores. Size and shape can be cut according to use.

25 x 15 cm






Very suitable for cutting tape, bandages etc.




Compression Wrap

Transparent film to hold Ho-Cold Pack and Ice Pack.
Easy to use.

10 cm - length: 300 m