Mini Medical Bag

Perfect first aid bag for children and young people. Contents: 2 ice packs, plasters, scissors, compression bandage and 1 roll of 3.8 cm Coach tape.

Also available without content.




Junior Medical Bag

First aid bag with adjustable compartments. Very durable - optimal room. Contents: 4 ice packs, compression bandage, heat cream with camphor, blister plasters, plasters and scissors.

Also available without content.




Senior Medical Suitcase

Medical suitcase for trainers and coaches. Contents: 4 ice packs, compression bandage, muscle ointment, 2 blister plasters, 1 roll Strappal tape 2.5 cm, 3 rolls Strappal tape 4 cm, scissors, plasters, heat ointment with camphor.

Also available without content.




Aluminum Medical Suitcase

Professional aluminium case with aluminium frame for extra reinforcement. Roomy with very flexible compartments. Particularly suitable for doctors, physiotherapists and masseurs for treating any type of sports injury.




Cool Box

Suitable for storing e.g. recycled ice packs or ice cubes.

Volume: 8 litres





Water Bucket

With 2 bottle holders.




Cool Bag

Thermal bag for various items, e.g. reusable ice packs or ice cubes, etc.