Profcare Sports Bra

74% cotton, 19% polyamide, 7% lycra

Suitable for all types of sports

Sizes: S - XL.





Profcare Thermal Trousers

70% acrylic and 30% wool

Perfect fit ensures optimal mobility

Keeps the groin area warm

Sizes: 8 years - XL.





Ankle Velocity Donjoy

The best ankle protection on the market.
Mouldable footplate for optimum fit.
Comes in both left and right.

Sizes: S - L




Active Ankle T2

Superior protection, combining the best stability with optimal function of the ankle.

Sizes: XS - L (XS supplied as T1).




Ankle Support With Laces, "Active"

Used to prevent sprains during inward/outward turns. Protection of weak/loose ankle. Fits both feet.

Sizes: XS-XL.





Ankle Support With Laces, "Allround"

Prevents twisting of the foot. Particularly good support due to the laces, which ensure individual adaptation. Use as a preventive measure - and for minor ankle injuries. Fits both feet.

Sizes: XS - XL.