Stefan Kretzschmar, Goalcha Ambassador



GOALCHA Street Handball is a new leisure sport activity, which involves movement, action, variety, team-play and the collection of good experience by the specially developed GOALCHA Ball.

The ball is the core of the leisure sport activity of GOALCHA Street Handball. The ball was specially developed by SELECT for children and youths and it meets a very high demand on quality. It is smaller than a traditional handball and it can easily be squeezed and controlled, and it is very pleasant to catch. Since the game can take place on asphalt the ball is made from an extremely durable synthetic leather.

Besides the ball, you can purchase a special goal and a rebounder for individual play. GOALCHA can be playede indoor as well as outdoor.

The concept was developed by a trio with a background in handball – including the Danish star player Lasse Boesen. In the German speaking countries, former pro Stefan Kretzschmar is ambassador aiming to making Street Handball a fixture in the everyday lives of children and youths.

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Material: HPU 1000

Games for everyone and teaching children and youngsters
Durable handball for games on basically all surfaces. Very soft and easy to squeeze, and very easy to catch and control.
44 cm