MFPUS 2000 - extremely durable synthetic leather
Use: Matches at the absolute highest level
Qualities: Soft and easy to kick. Lively, but always predictable. Absorbs an absolute minimum of water
Manufacture: Handsewn
Approval: FIFA APPROVED (size 5)
Size: 5 and 4 (only white)
Guarantee:3 years

The exclusive design of the exterior hides a football manufactured in specially-developed Japanese TEIJIN microfibre, which makes the ball seem significantly softer than its predecessor. Without compromising on material thickness or adding foam, we have achieved a thoroughly tested feeling of liveliness and lightness – while naturally also preserving the good characteristics such as control and stability that have always characterised a BRILLANT SUPER.

The material may be Japanese but BRILLANT SUPER is produced as always by our year-long supplier in Pakistan. The ball is sewn by hand and produced in quality materials from its innermost to its outermost layers. SELECT’s patented “Zero-Wing” bladder ensures that the ball remains in constant balance throughout its flight through the air and a Double-Lock butyl valve ensures that it is practically airtight.

The combination of specially produced underlining in finely woven cotton and polyester and the ultra thin and very elastic microfibres gives the ball the extra softness that makes it easy to kick. The extremely hard-wearing TEIJIN microfibre material ensures that the ball preserves its high quality and round shape kick after kick and that it absorbs an absolute minimum amount of water.

BRILLANT SUPER is a match ball of the highest quality, which is the reason why it has been the Danish national team’s preferred football for not less than 62 years.

The ball is delivered in three different variants – the classic white and the yellow and orange ones for use in, e.g. snowy weather.