Why are SELECT handballs regarded as the best in the world? To start with, it’s to do with the production method and materials.

To create a handball good enough for the world’s best teams is no easy task. Every aspect of the process from the outer material, lining and stitching to the quality of the bladder and the care invested in this task is vitally important. The balance of a ball can be altered if the weight is just a few grams out, and the balance is crucial for bounce, throwing the ball and shooting at goal.

Approved by the IHF
All our handballs are hand-stitched and produced from the best materials. Nowadays the majority of handballs produced are made from synthetic leather (polyurethane - PU), unlike before when handballs were only produced from leather. Both synthetic and real leather handballs are used at the top level. Our top synthetic handball is used by, for instance, both the Danish women’s and Danish men’s national handball teams.

All our synthetic leather handballs are made of polyurethane (PU), which gives the ball a soft touch and good grip, allowing you to play both with and without resin. The quality and thickness of the PU material are absolutely vital for the ball’s playing qualities. This is why at SELECT we take a lot of time to find and develop the best materials on the market for our top handballs.

Bladder’s importance
The bladder is the heart of every ball and is vitally important for a handball’s playing qualities. SELECT specialises in producing bladders for balls. We have our own factory and our own formulas for preparing the natural rubber. 

Latex (natural rubber) bladders are better than butyl or PU bladders in terms of their elasticity, bounce and ability to retain their shape. Latex can be stretched to six times its original length before it breaks, much further than any synthetic material. And just as with our footballs, all our handball bladders are pumped up and checked for balance before they are inserted in the balls. You can stand on a SELECT bladder that has been pumped up and it will spring back to its original shape and size, not to mention still retains its perfect balance!

Better control when dribbling
As a result of our special latex preparation, our handball bladders are softer than other latex bladders and can therefore follow the curves of the ball’s inside. This is extremely important. The fact that the bladder fits perfectly means that there will not be any air pockets and therefore, better control when dribbling.

Regarding ball pressure, there are no official rules or regulations from the International Handball Federation.